Debbi Fields


This is the risk takers from Entrepreneurs Club Radio. Good enough never is! That’s the mantra of this famous lady who has a passion for cookies. Debbi Fields was always a hard worker. In 1969 she was hired by Charlie Findley of the Oakland Athletics to be one of the team’s first ball girls, and was paid a whopping $5 per hour.

Debbi didn’t use this money frivolously; she used it to buy ingredients for what would become Mrs. Fields Cookies. That was her dream, and her passion. Needless to say it worked out well.

Mrs. Fields Cookies now have over 650 retail outlets in the U. S., and more than 80 stores in 11 countries. Not too bad for starting out at $5 an hour working for a baseball team. 

Her secret to success? She had a dream and a passion for her cookies, but quality was the key.

We should all believe that “good enough never is”. It made Debbi a



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