Jeff Bezos

If you truly want to change the world, look at the life of Jeff Bezos.  Born to a teenage mother who married and quickly divorced his father, you would think things wouldn’t turn out well. 

Well…, think again.  An excellent student, Jeff was a National Merit Scholar who had a proclivity for all things mechanical, including computers.  He would even work on his grandfather’s ranch laying pipe and fixing windmills.  Upon graduation from Princeton he held lucrative jobs on Wall Street.

Then it was a journey from New York to Seattle when he had an epiphany.  Jeff had heard that internet usage was going to skyrocket, so he thought up this crazy idea to start a web based book store.  He wrote his business plan on the trip.

So in 1995 was born.  And boy, it sure changed the world of commerce.  It also made Jeff a little dough.  Like 30 billion dollars!

Will you find something to change the world?

That’s what entrepreneurs do!

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