Risk Taker Daymond John

He sure didn’t grow up rich, but he is now.  In fact, he’s worth north of $250 million.  And he did it by recognizing his “moment of destiny”.

Many years ago he noticed wool hats tied with fishing lines being sold for $20 in Queens, New York.  He thought the cost was a bit much, so Daymond John and a neighbor made 90 wool hats and sold them on a street corner for 10 bucks each.  They made $800 in just a few hours.

Then the light REALLY went on.  His mother mortgaged her house so Daymond could get some startup capital to launch FUBU, the sports apparel company.  To make ends meet he worked at Red Lobster full time and worked on his fledgling business during breaks and off hours.

Well, it all worked out pretty well.  FUBU has been a resounding success, and Mr. John is now a star on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Not bad for a kid from Queens! 

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