Risk Takers Barbara Corcoran

This is the Risk Takers from Entrepreneurs Club Radio.  Her boyfriend married her company’s secretary and told her she’d never make it without him. Oh really? Barbara Corcoran founded one of the most successful New York real estate firms, The Corcoran Group.

But boy, it wasn’t easy. She taught school for a year and had 15 jobs by the time she was twenty three. Her credentials included getting almost all D’s in high school and college. Not exactly a great way to begin her working life.

Then Barbara decided to start her own company. The boyfriend invested a thousand dollars and her business was launched.

But, it was the criticism that spurred her on. Now Barbara is quoted as saying, “Thank God for the power of the insult”. After that, there was nothing that would stop her.

Nothing did. She was so successful this fiery lady sold her company for a cool 66 million. So much for not being able to make it on her own.

She did, and the insult was the fuel for the fire.

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