Risk Takers Dan Quiggle

Sometimes fortune shines its light on you and it certainly happened to Dan Quiggle.  This serial entrepreneur in now on his sixth startup and he’s still going strong.  In fact, his America’s Choice Title Company is now the second fastest growing title company in America.

His secret to success? Hands down it’s his leadership skills.  How did he learn to lead?  That’s where the shining light comes into play.

As a young man just out of college, he got a call to be on the staff of President Ronald Reagan in his post white house years.  He eagerly took the job and watched the Great Communicator deal with people.  Dan emulated everything the Gipper did and said, and used what he learned to find and manage people in his companies.

Shining light?... Luck?... Whatever you call it he recognized the opportunity and jumped on it.


Entrepreneurs recognize those moments of destiny and take advantage of them.   Do You?

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