Risk Takers - Roger Sustar

Roger Sustar bought a tiny manufacturing company for only $4,000. On borrowed money.  Now with great leadership, Fredon Corporation is a multi-million dollar organization manufacturing parts for thousands of companies across America.

Guess you would say his legacy will be being a good businessman.  But… maybe not.

Actually Mr. Sustar’s legacy probably will be in his incredible community service.  Entrepreneurs do that….  A lot!

Several years ago Roger was stunned to learn that a significant amount of manufacturing specialists were going to retire within a ten year window.  The job of replacing them would be a challenge.

But not for him!  He started a group of manufacturers called The Alliance for Working Together. Now 250 companies have joined to promote manufacturing jobs for local high school students, and so far have sponsored factory tours for almost 10,000 kids.

And it’s working!


If it works for Roger, It could work for your community too!

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