Risk Takers Dan Quiggle

Sometimes fortune shines its light on you and it certainly happened to Dan Quiggle.  This serial entrepreneur in now on his sixth startup and he’s still going strong.  In fact, his America’s Choice Title Company is now the second fastest growing title company in America.

Risk Takers Madame C J Walker

She was the first self-made female millionaire in America.  Born Sarah Breedlove, but known as Madame C J Walker, she was an African American product of the South in the late 1800’s.

She worked the cotton fields in Mississippi, worked in kitchens, and was a washer woman. She did it all.

Then, as she said, she promoted herself to business woman. 

Risk Takers Barbara Corcoran

This is the Risk Takers from Entrepreneurs Club Radio.  Her boyfriend married her company’s secretary and told her she’d never make it without him. Oh really? Barbara Corcoran founded one of the most successful New York real estate firms, The Corcoran Group.

But boy, it wasn’t easy. She taught school for a year and had 15 jobs by the time she was twenty three. Her credentials included getting almost all D’s in high school and college. Not exactly a great way to begin her working life.