In Memory of Dr. Raymond C. Kralovic

Ray Kralovic, PhD, retired co-founder of Steris Corporation (STE on NYSE), received his MS in Environmental Microbiology from West Virginia University. Ray then worked as a food sterilization technologist at National Canned Food Association, and as a fermentation scientist at Monsanto Corporation. Ray then returned to WVU to get his PhD in Medical Microbiology. After a Postdoctoral position in cancer research, he began his career in sterilization and disinfection technology at the American Sterilizer Company, where Ray realized that current methods of reprocessing reusable, heat sensitive medical instruments were either too slow or inadequate for the complete safe sterilization of these instruments. Hence, he left to pursue the development of a safe, low temperature, rapid process using a novel environmental safe single use liquid chemical formulation that became the Steris system process. Steris became a publicly traded company in 1992, and has a market value of greater than 3 billion dollars. Post retirement, Dr. Kralovic had worked as a consultant, Angel investor, and mentor for numerous startup companies.