Kevn Plank

He played football for the University of Maryland as a “walk-on” and was captain of its special teams. But this very competitive young man was destined for greater things.

During those hot two-a-day workouts he noticed that all the players’ cotton Tee Shirts were constantly sweat-soaked and uncomfortable. Most people would just say “someone should do something about that”.  Not Kevin Plank!  He did do something about it.

For months he scoured garment stores and found fabric that doesn’t retain moisture, fits tightly, and regulates body temperature.  The perfect solution.

That’s when Under Armour was born.  He started it in his grandmother’s basement and in its early stages sold his product right out of the trunk of his car.

Now, as they say, the rest is history.  Kevin’s company has yearly revenues north of three billion dollars.  And his net worth is almost four billion.  All because Kevin Plank saw a problem and solved it.


If Kevin can do it, you can too!

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